Industrialization and off-site are real contributions to sustainable construction!

Blufab is the Casais Group's off-site construction unit that presents more efficient solutions with less consumption of resources to overcome the sector's shortage of raw materials and labor

Innovation in the construction industry is no longer optional. It is a mandatory and essential reality for the growth of companies. Building resilient infrastructures, promoting inclusive and sustainable industrialization as well as fostering innovation are just some of the premises that must be associated with durability principles, that have been guiding the Casais Group’s performance in the market.

Industrialization is the tool used to increase efficiency and is essential for the construction transition, through products and systems designed and produced in an integrated way, thus allowing the transformation of construction into an assembly process of components that can be configured in different ways to achieve the result.

The durability of buildings relies on better design, better performance of building products, and the sharing of information

Besides being completely focused on the development of quality, reliable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructures, designed to support human well-being and economic development, we promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, fostering at all times the processes of technological development, research, and innovation. We have oriented the construction towards a paradigm that involves bringing our methodologies closer to those applied in other sectors with higher productivity, such as the automotive or aviation sectors

We can only improve productivity on what we can measure, and the factory environment is much more traceable and suitable for achieving efficiency gains. Furthermore, in an industrial environment, not only are materials combined, minimizing waste, but with optimization, we are also making sure that they can be reutilized, due to possible dismantling

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The construction sector is in a process of historic transformation!

With this bet and with these new construction processes, we are also creating more inclusiveness in the sector. This strategy is a path to attract labor that comes from other sectors, reaching sections of society that otherwise we would hardly be able to shift for the construction sector.

We are more attractive, with a new mindset and more collaborative work processes

We enable more stable, structured, and predictable work environments, ensuring a work process capable of meeting employee expectations.

Learn about our career opportunities here – Together in building a more sustainable tomorrow!

Advantages of off-site construction

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Greater control of resources and materials

Less material waste

Faster production

Less displacement of resources

More sustainable construction

Potential Savings

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More sustainable and environmentally friendly construction

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Double columns

Executed in glued laminated wood (Glulam).

Fitting systems with slabs that guarantees position and structural behavior.

Facade elements

In conjunction with the columns, it accelerates the building’s closure.

No scaffolding required for exterior cladding application.

Hybrid Slab

Executed in glued laminated wood (Glulam) + concrete.

Guaranteed fire compartmentalization between floors.

Maximum span of 9.00m that allows great flexibility of the building design.

Central metal beams

For connection between structural slabs, with a fitting system.

Metallic to minimize sizing.

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MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing)

Prefabricated MEP Walls

Complete Solutions

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